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Last updated April 13, 2020


This Cookie Policy specifically explains how Roxy Trading Inc. (“Roxy”) and third parties that host and provide services on this website,, (“Chimes Website”) use cookies, as well as the options you have to control the cookies on this Chimes Website.  Roxy Trading Inc.’s Privacy Policy explains the company’s privacy practice regarding collection, processing, and storage of your information.  

We will update this cookie policy periodically without prior notice to you to reflect any changes we’ve made to the Chimes Website.  

What Are Cookies?

The Chimes Website uses cookies.  A cookie is a small amount of information that a web server sends to your Internet browser.  Generally, cookies are used to support the operation of a variety of features provided on a website.  For instance, on the Chimes Website, cookies are used to support a variety of webstore functions that allow you to purchase items featured on the website.  The Chimes Website also use cookies to collect information about how you interacted with our website. This allows us to remember you and your preferences. For example, by continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.  Also, if you were to click on the “I CONSENT” option in the cookie banner presented when you arrive at the Chimes Website, then the cookies from our website would be stored on your computer (such as a PC, cell phone or a pad) when our website is loaded in a browser on your computer.  

Your Options to Control Cookies:

If you choose to decline the use of all cookies that are on this website by clicking the option “I DECLINE” in the cookie banner in the Chimes Website as immediately below, your information won’t be tracked when you visit this website.  However, a single cookie will be used in the browser that you used to access the Chimes Website to remember that you do not wish to be tracked. 

With respect to cookies, you can always customize your settings at any time as described immediately below.  

  1. On the lower right corner of each webpage on the Chimes Website, we have placed an icon of an inspector, as shown immediately below.   
  2. When you click on the “inspector” icon, it opens a “Privacy Settings” dialog box, which is described immediately below.  The categories of cookies the Chimes Website typically deploys during a browsing session are listed on the left side of the box.  The Privacy Settings box provides you with the option to allow or disable cookies under each category.  

Description of Cookies:

The cookies you accept will remain on your computer or mobile device for different periods of time.  Some cookies are “session cookies.” Session cookies are set to automatically expire within 20 minutes after a browsing session.  Other cookies are “persistent cookies,” meaning that they survive after your browser is closed and are used by websites to recognize your computer or device at a later time.  

We have classified the cookies and plug-ins we are currently using on the Chimes Website into the categories listed below.  We have also provided descriptions and durations of such cookies. Please note that the following is not intended to be an exhaustive list.  Our aim here is to provide exemplars of the types of cookies we are currently using on the Chimes Website.  

  • Strictly Necessary/Essential Cookies are the ones that are required to operate our website.  For example, essential cookies are those that enable you to log into secure areas of our website to complete a purchase transaction.  The Chimes Website contains webstore (“e-commerce”) features which enable a person to purchase our products through the website. We utilize the WooCommerce system (“platform”) for the Chimes webstore services.  The WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform provided by WordPress. 

The following are some of the essential cookies that are set by the WooCommerce platform:  

Cookie/Plug-In Name Duration Purpose



[7 Months] These cookies will be used in the user’s browser to remember when a user clicks on the option, “I Decline” to express that s/he does wish a website that s/he has accessed to track the browser used open the website.
wordpress_test_cookie Session Used to verify whether cookies are enabled.
wordpress_[hash]  Indefinite period until the user requests deletion of his/her information This cookie stores the authentication details from users’ login information.  The authentication details include the username and the password.
wordpress_logged_in_[hash]  Session Helps to determine when a user is logged in and to identify the user who is logged into the website.  
wp-settings-{time}-[UID]  No specific duration This cookie is used to customize the view of the “admin interface” of the website to help the website administrator set up the content of the website and to install extensions.
wp-saving-post No specific duration This cookie allows the web administrator to restore data to post on a website from a previously saved version.
woocommerce_cart_hash Session
(As mentioned above, Session cookies are set to automatically expire within 20 minutes after a browsing session) 
Helps to determine when a shopping cart contents change.
woocommerce_items_in_cart Session Helps to determine when a shopping cart contents change.


    • Security Cookies are those that we may use to help identify and prevent potential security risks.  Security cookies used on this website are not specifically described here.
  • Analytical/performance cookies:  These cookies allow the Chimes Website to recognize and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around the website when they are using it.  Having such information helps us to improve the way the Chimes Website works.  
    • The Chimes Website uses Google Analytics cookies which gathers information that helps us understand how visitors interact with our websites, which allow us to improve the Chimes Website to create a better experience for our visitors. To learn more about Google Analytics, visit:
  • Functional cookies: These cookies are used to remember you when you return to the Chimes Website.  Functional cookies enable us to personalize the contents of the website for you by remembering your preferences (for example, a product you viewed or the language you chose to view the website).
Cookie/Plug-In Name Duration Purpose
__stripe_sid / __stripe_mid No specific duration For processing payment and to aid in fraud detection.
Shopify 30 minutes Please check Shopify Cookie Policy › legal › cookies for details
woocommerce_recently_viewed Session Allows the website to display the products recently viewed by a particular user. 
store_notice[notice id] Allows customers to dismiss a webstore notice.  
_ga 2 years Used to distinguish users.
_gid 24 Hours Used to distinguish users.
_gat 1 Minute Used to moderate the rate of throttle request (requests that a website sends to its webserver during use) to maximize website’s resources. 
AMP_TOKEN  30 seconds to 1 year Used to retrieve customer identifications and to facilitate Opt-Out requests.
_gac_<property-id> 90 days Used to transmit information from Google and social networking sites if the user has linked such third party’s websites to his or her account on the Chimes Website.


  • Targeting cookies:  These cookies record your visit to our website, namely the pages you have visited and the links you have followed.  We will use this information to make our website and the advertising displayed on it more relevant to your interests.  We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose. Roxy does not sell personal information collected through the Chimes Website in exchange for any monetary consideration.  However, we may share personal information for other benefits that could be deemed a “sale,” as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (Cal. Civ. Code 1798.140(t)(1)). This includes sharing identifiers, commercial information and internet or other electronic network activity with advertising networks, website analytics companies, and event sponsors.  Please note that third parties, including providers of web traffic analysis and advertising services such as Google Analytics.  
    • The Chimes Website uses Facebook’s “targeting cookies” which are also referred to as pixel tags.  Pixel tags (also called web beacons) are small software codes placed on websites and emails. Pixel tags such as the ones generated by Facebook help us identify and track visitors and usage of the Chimes Website.  Pixel tags also let us know the effectiveness of our email campaigns and deliver targeted ads. Although we do not have control over the specific function of the cookies generated by Google and Facebook, you can always opt out by disabling the use of such cookies on the Chimes Website through the Privacy Setting as we have described above. 
    • To learn more about Facebook cookie policy, please visit:  
    • To learn more about Google Analytics, please visit:

As we mentioned earlier, you can block some or all of the cookies on the Chimes Website.  However, if you block all cookies (including essential cookies), you may not be able to access all or parts of the Chimes Website.

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