About Us

About Us

It All Started in Java.

Three of my grandparents have lived into their 90s, and what they ate made all the difference. They came from Asian cultures rich with ancient traditions, where food and medicine were synonymous. Meals were enjoyed with excited chatter of the healthful properties of each dish. Real ingredients, freshly harvested, made thoughtfully, with love and wisdom.

The benefits of individual ingredients were cited and recited throughout childhood mealtimes, whether the invigorating ginger or the wholesome goji berry. Chimes was officially founded in 2003, but our recipes go way back to 1935 in Java, Indonesia when a young herbalist shared his new creations – a simple ginger chew made from fresh ginger, cane sugar and tapioca starch.

The chews became an instant hit among villagers and visitors alike, both for their comforting effect and their remarkable, candy-like taste. Generations have passed but that same family still creates our ginger chews to this day. We create our recipes around ingredients trusted for their powerful effects. Ginger, for one, has been used throughout the ages to aid digestion, reduce nausea, and help fight the symptoms of the cold and flu.

Since a hot cup of ginger tea isn’t always convenient when we’re go-go-going, we turned this humble rhizome into a mighty helpful mobile treat. And, with a warm, spicy scent and flavor, our ginger chews are as comforting as they are healing. Keep a few of your favorites handy for days when you need a little extra care!