The Origins
For over two centuries, the volcano Mt. Bromo has erupted regularly, treating its neighbors in East Java to spectacular firework shows! Over the years, the locals discovered that ginger grown in the mineral enriched soil had an intense flavor that could not be duplicated in ginger grown elsewhere. This variety of ginger became a popular spice, and locals were soon incorporating it into more of their dishes.

The People

In 1935, a young couple decided to open up a modest café in a town near Mt. Bromo. One day, an herbalist stopped by the café, and ended up giving the couple a recipe for a chewy ginger candy to help supplement their meager income. Three generations later, Chimes Ginger Chews are made by the same family in the same town where the café was 70 years ago! Today, Chimes employs hundreds of local villagers, and we are privileged to make a difference in the lives of our employees, their families and the community in which they live. Our production has been so notable, that East Java celebrates our ginger chews as a “Heritage Industry.”

What started out as a local Indonesian treat has now grown to an international phenomenon, as our candies are shared around the world, and as we create new treats. Using the time-honored technique of stone grinding, we’re able to extract the purest ginger essence that gives Chimes its unique warming sensation. We work hard to maintain our heritage by using the best ingredients, ensuring that what you enjoy today is as authentic as the herbalist’s original recipe from almost a century ago!

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